tsch-slot-operation.c File Reference

    TSCH slot operation implementation, running from interrupt.

#include "dev/radio.h"
#include "contiki.h"
#include "net/netstack.h"
#include "net/packetbuf.h"
#include "net/queuebuf.h"
#include "net/mac/framer/framer-802154.h"
#include "net/mac/tsch/tsch.h"
#include "sys/critical.h"
#include "sys/log.h"

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int tsch_is_locked (void)
 Checks if the TSCH lock is set. More...
int tsch_get_lock (void)
 Takes the TSCH lock. More...
void tsch_release_lock (void)
 Releases the TSCH lock.
static uint8_t tsch_calculate_channel (struct tsch_asn_t *asn, uint16_t channel_offset)
 Returns a 802.15.4 channel from an ASN and channel offset. More...
uint64_t tsch_get_network_uptime_ticks (void)
 Get the time, in clock ticks, since the TSCH network was started. More...
static void tsch_radio_on (enum tsch_radio_state_on_cmd command)
 This function turns on the radio. More...
static void tsch_radio_off (enum tsch_radio_state_off_cmd command)
 This function turns off the radio. More...
void tsch_slot_operation_start (void)
 Start actual slot operation.
void tsch_slot_operation_sync (rtimer_clock_t next_slot_start, struct tsch_asn_t *next_slot_asn)
 Set global time before starting slot operation, with a rtimer time and an ASN. More...

Detailed Description

    TSCH slot operation implementation, running from interrupt.
Simon Duquennoy Beshr Al Nahas Atis Elsts

Definition in file tsch-slot-operation.c.