tsch-packet.c File Reference

    TSCH packet format management

#include "contiki.h"
#include "net/packetbuf.h"
#include "net/mac/tsch/tsch.h"
#include "net/mac/framer/frame802154.h"
#include "net/mac/framer/framer-802154.h"
#include "net/netstack.h"
#include "lib/ccm-star.h"
#include "lib/aes-128.h"
#include "sys/log.h"

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void tsch_packet_eackbuf_set_attr (uint8_t type, const packetbuf_attr_t val)
 Set a packet attribute for the current eack. More...
packetbuf_attr_t tsch_packet_eackbuf_attr (uint8_t type)
 Return the value of a specified attribute. More...
int tsch_packet_create_eack (uint8_t *buf, uint16_t buf_size, const linkaddr_t *dest_addr, uint8_t seqno, int16_t drift, int nack)
 Construct Enhanced ACK packet. More...
int tsch_packet_parse_eack (const uint8_t *buf, int buf_size, uint8_t seqno, frame802154_t *frame, struct ieee802154_ies *ies, uint8_t *hdr_len)
 Parse enhanced ACK packet. More...
int tsch_packet_create_eb (uint8_t *hdr_len, uint8_t *tsch_sync_ie_ptr)
 Create an EB packet directly in packetbuf. More...
int tsch_packet_update_eb (uint8_t *buf, int buf_size, uint8_t tsch_sync_ie_offset)
 Update ASN in EB packet. More...
int tsch_packet_parse_eb (const uint8_t *buf, int buf_size, frame802154_t *frame, struct ieee802154_ies *ies, uint8_t *hdrlen, int frame_without_mic)
 Parse EB. More...
void tsch_packet_set_frame_pending (uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)
 Set frame pending bit in a packet (whose header was already build) More...
int tsch_packet_get_frame_pending (uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)
 Get frame pending bit from a packet. More...

Detailed Description

    TSCH packet format management
Simon Duquennoy Beshr Al Nahas

Definition in file tsch-packet.c.