tsch-adaptive-timesync.h File Reference

TSCH adaptive time synchronization. More...

#include "contiki.h"

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void tsch_timesync_update (struct tsch_neighbor *n, uint16_t time_delta_asn, int32_t drift_correction)
 Updates timesync information for a given neighbor. More...
int32_t tsch_timesync_adaptive_compensate (rtimer_clock_t delta_ticks)
 Computes time compensation for a given point in the future. More...
long int tsch_adaptive_timesync_get_drift_ppm (void)
 Gives the estimated clock drift w.r.t. More...
void tsch_adaptive_timesync_reset (void)
 Reset the status of the module.

Detailed Description

TSCH adaptive time synchronization.

Definition in file tsch-adaptive-timesync.h.