6TiSCH Operation Sublayer (6top)

#include "lib/assert.h"
#include "net/netstack.h"
#include "net/packetbuf.h"
#include "net/mac/framer/frame802154.h"
#include "net/mac/framer/frame802154e-ie.h"
#include "sixtop.h"
#include "sixtop-conf.h"
#include "sixp.h"
#include "sys/log.h"

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const sixtop_sf_tsixtop_find_sf (uint8_t sfid)
 Find a SF which has been added by SFID. More...
int sixtop_add_sf (const sixtop_sf_t *sf)
 Add a Scheduling Function (SF) to 6top Sublayer. More...
int sixtop_output (const linkaddr_t *dest_addr, mac_callback_t callback, void *arg)
 Output a 6P packet which is supposestored in packetbuf. More...
void sixtop_input (void)
 Input a packet stored in packetbuf.
void sixtop_init (void)
 Initialize 6top module This initialization function removes all the SFs which has been installed into the 6top sub-layer. More...
void sixtop_init_sf (void)
 Initialize installed SFs which has been added in the system This function is supposed to be invoked every time the node gets associated.

Detailed Description

    6TiSCH Operation Sublayer (6top)
Yasuyuki Tanaka

Definition in file sixtop.c.