rpl-icmp6.h File Reference

Header file for rpl-ext-header. More...

#include "uip.h"
#include "uip-ds6.h"
#include "uip-ds6-nbr.h"

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uip_ds6_nbr_trpl_icmp6_update_nbr_table (uip_ipaddr_t *from, nbr_table_reason_t reason, void *data)
 Updates IPv6 neighbor cache on incoming link-local RPL ICMPv6 messages. More...
void rpl_icmp6_dis_output (uip_ipaddr_t *addr)
 Creates an ICMPv6 DIS packet and sends it. More...
void rpl_icmp6_dio_output (uip_ipaddr_t *uc_addr)
 Creates an ICMPv6 DIO packet and sends it. More...
void rpl_icmp6_dao_output (uint8_t lifetime)
 Creates an ICMPv6 DAO packet and sends it to the root, advertising the current preferred parent, and with our global address as prefix. More...
void rpl_icmp6_dao_ack_output (uip_ipaddr_t *dest, uint8_t sequence, uint8_t status)
 Creates an ICMPv6 DAO-ACK packet and sends it to the originator of the ACK. More...
void rpl_icmp6_init (void)
 Initializes rpl-icmp6 module, registers ICMPv6 handlers for all RPL ICMPv6 messages: DIO, DIS, DAO and DAO-ACK.

Detailed Description

Header file for rpl-ext-header.

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