ctimer.c File Reference

    Callback timer implementation

#include "sys/ctimer.h"
#include "contiki.h"
#include "lib/list.h"

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void ctimer_init (void)
 Initialize the callback timer library. More...
void ctimer_set (struct ctimer *c, clock_time_t t, void(*f)(void *), void *ptr)
 Set a callback timer. More...
void ctimer_set_with_process (struct ctimer *c, clock_time_t t, void(*f)(void *), void *ptr, struct process *p)
 Set a callback timer. More...
void ctimer_reset (struct ctimer *c)
 Reset a callback timer with the same interval as was previously set. More...
void ctimer_restart (struct ctimer *c)
 Restart a callback timer from the current point in time. More...
void ctimer_stop (struct ctimer *c)
 Stop a pending callback timer. More...
int ctimer_expired (struct ctimer *c)
 Check if a callback timer has expired. More...

Detailed Description

    Callback timer implementation
Adam Dunkels

Definition in file ctimer.c.