uip-sr.c File Reference

Source routing support. More...

#include "contiki.h"
#include "net/ipv6/uip-sr.h"
#include "net/ipv6/uiplib.h"
#include "net/routing/routing.h"
#include "lib/list.h"
#include "lib/memb.h"
#include "sys/log.h"

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int uip_sr_num_nodes (void)
 Tells how many nodes are currently stored in the graph. More...
uip_sr_node_tuip_sr_get_node (void *graph, const uip_ipaddr_t *addr)
 Looks up for a source routing node from its IPv6 global address. More...
int uip_sr_is_addr_reachable (void *graph, const uip_ipaddr_t *addr)
 Telle whether an address is reachable, i.e. More...
void uip_sr_expire_parent (void *graph, const uip_ipaddr_t *child, const uip_ipaddr_t *parent)
 Expires a given child-parent link. More...
uip_sr_node_tuip_sr_update_node (void *graph, const uip_ipaddr_t *child, const uip_ipaddr_t *parent, uint32_t lifetime)
 Updates a child-parent link. More...
void uip_sr_init (void)
 Initialize this module.
uip_sr_node_tuip_sr_node_head (void)
 Returns the head of the non-storing node list. More...
uip_sr_node_tuip_sr_node_next (uip_sr_node_t *item)
 Returns the next element of the non-storing node list. More...
void uip_sr_periodic (unsigned seconds)
 A function called periodically. More...
void uip_sr_free_all (void)
 Deallocate all neighbors.
int uip_sr_link_snprint (char *buf, int buflen, uip_sr_node_t *link)
 Print a textual description of a source routing link. More...

Detailed Description

Source routing support.

Simon Duquennoy simon.nosp@m..duq.nosp@m.uenno.nosp@m.y@in.nosp@m.ria.f.nosp@m.r

Definition in file uip-sr.c.