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uip-ds6.h File Reference

Header file for IPv6-related data structures. More...

#include "net/ipv6/uip.h"
#include "net/ipv6/multicast/uip-mcast6.h"
#include "sys/stimer.h"
#include "net/ipv6/uip-nd6.h"
#include "net/ipv6/uip-ds6-nbr.h"
#include "net/ipv6/uip-ds6-route.h"

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Data Structures

struct  uip_ds6_prefix
 A prefix list entry. More...
struct  uip_ds6_addr
 Unicast address structure. More...
struct  uip_ds6_aaddr
 Anycast address. More...
struct  uip_ds6_maddr
 A multicast address. More...
struct  uip_ds6_netif
 Interface structure (contains all the interface variables) More...
struct  uip_ds6_element
 Generic type for a DS6, to use a common loop though all DS. More...


#define UIP_DS6_DEFRT_NBS   0
 Configuration. More...
#define ADDR_TENTATIVE   0
 Possible states for the an address (RFC 4862)
#define ADDR_ANYTYPE   0
 How the address was acquired: Autoconf, DHCP or manually.
#define UIP_DS6_PERIOD   (60 * CLOCK_SECOND)
 General DS6 definitions. More...
Macros to check if an IP address (unicast, multicast or anycast) is mine

compute random reachable timer

#define uip_ds6_is_my_addr(addr)   (uip_ds6_addr_lookup(addr) != NULL)
#define uip_ds6_is_my_maddr(addr)   (uip_ds6_maddr_lookup(addr) != NULL)
#define uip_ds6_is_my_aaddr(addr)   (uip_ds6_aaddr_lookup(addr) != NULL)


typedef struct uip_ds6_prefix uip_ds6_prefix_t
 A prefix list entry.
typedef struct uip_ds6_addr uip_ds6_addr_t
 Unicast address structure. More...
typedef struct uip_ds6_aaddr uip_ds6_aaddr_t
 Anycast address.
typedef struct uip_ds6_maddr uip_ds6_maddr_t
 A multicast address.
typedef struct uip_ds6_netif uip_ds6_netif_t
 Interface structure (contains all the interface variables)
typedef struct uip_ds6_element uip_ds6_element_t
 Generic type for a DS6, to use a common loop though all DS.


void uip_ds6_init (void)
 Initialize data structures.
void uip_ds6_periodic (void)
 Periodic processing of data structures.
uint8_t uip_ds6_list_loop (uip_ds6_element_t *list, uint8_t size, uint16_t elementsize, uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, uint8_t ipaddrlen, uip_ds6_element_t **out_element)
 Generic loop routine on an abstract data structure, which generalizes all data structures used in DS6.
void uip_ds6_set_addr_iid (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, uip_lladdr_t *lladdr)
 set the last 64 bits of an IP address based on the MAC address
void uip_ds6_set_lladdr_from_iid (uip_lladdr_t *lladdr, const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
 Build a link-layer address from an IPv6 address based on its UUID64.
uint8_t get_match_length (uip_ipaddr_t *src, uip_ipaddr_t *dst)
 Get the number of matching bits of two addresses.
void uip_ds6_dad (uip_ds6_addr_t *ifaddr)
 Perform Duplicate Address Selection on one address.
int uip_ds6_dad_failed (uip_ds6_addr_t *ifaddr)
 Callback when DAD failed.
void uip_ds6_select_src (uip_ipaddr_t *src, uip_ipaddr_t *dst)
 Source address selection, see RFC 3484.
void uip_ds6_send_rs (void)
 Send periodic RS to find router.
uint32_t uip_ds6_compute_reachable_time (void)
 Compute the reachable time based on base reachable time, see RFC 4861.
Prefix list basic routines
uip_ds6_prefix_tuip_ds6_prefix_add (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, uint8_t length, unsigned long interval)
void uip_ds6_prefix_rm (uip_ds6_prefix_t *prefix)
uip_ds6_prefix_tuip_ds6_prefix_lookup (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, uint8_t ipaddrlen)
uint8_t uip_ds6_is_addr_onlink (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
const uip_ip6addr_t * uip_ds6_default_prefix (void)
 Retrieve the Default IPv6 prefix. More...
void uip_ds6_set_default_prefix (const uip_ip6addr_t *prefix)
 Set the Default IPv6 prefix. More...
Unicast address list basic routines
uip_ds6_addr_tuip_ds6_addr_add (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, unsigned long vlifetime, uint8_t type)
 Add a unicast address to the interface.
void uip_ds6_addr_rm (uip_ds6_addr_t *addr)
uip_ds6_addr_tuip_ds6_addr_lookup (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
uip_ds6_addr_tuip_ds6_get_link_local (int8_t state)
uip_ds6_addr_tuip_ds6_get_global (int8_t state)
Multicast address list basic routines
uip_ds6_maddr_tuip_ds6_maddr_add (const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
void uip_ds6_maddr_rm (uip_ds6_maddr_t *maddr)
uip_ds6_maddr_tuip_ds6_maddr_lookup (const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
Anycast address list basic routines
uip_ds6_aaddr_tuip_ds6_aaddr_add (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
void uip_ds6_aaddr_rm (uip_ds6_aaddr_t *aaddr)
uip_ds6_aaddr_tuip_ds6_aaddr_lookup (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)


uip_ds6_netif_t uip_ds6_if
 The single interface.
struct etimer uip_ds6_timer_periodic
 Timer for maintenance of data structures.
struct etimer uip_ds6_timer_rs
 RS timer, to schedule RS sending.

Detailed Description

Header file for IPv6-related data structures.

Mathilde Durvy
Julien Abeille

Definition in file uip-ds6.h.