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uip-ds6-route.h File Reference

Header file for routing table manipulation. More...

#include "net/ipv6/uip.h"
#include "net/nbr-table.h"
#include "sys/stimer.h"
#include "lib/list.h"

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Data Structures

struct  uip_ds6_route_neighbor_routes
 The neighbor routes hold a list of routing table entries that are attached to a specific neihbor. More...
struct  uip_ds6_route
 An entry in the routing table. More...
struct  uip_ds6_route_neighbor_route
 A neighbor route list entry, used on the uip_ds6_route->neighbor_routes->route_list list. More...
struct  uip_ds6_defrt
 An entry in the default router list. More...


#define UIP_DS6_ROUTE_STATE_TYPE   rpl_route_entry_t
 define some additional RPL related route state and neighbor callback for RPL - if not a DS6_ROUTE_STATE is already set


typedef struct uip_ds6_route uip_ds6_route_t
 An entry in the routing table.
typedef struct uip_ds6_defrt uip_ds6_defrt_t
 An entry in the default router list.


Default router list basic routines
uip_ds6_defrt_tuip_ds6_defrt_head (void)
uip_ds6_defrt_tuip_ds6_defrt_add (const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, unsigned long interval)
void uip_ds6_defrt_rm (uip_ds6_defrt_t *defrt)
uip_ds6_defrt_tuip_ds6_defrt_lookup (const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
const uip_ipaddr_t * uip_ds6_defrt_choose (void)
void uip_ds6_defrt_periodic (void)
Routing Table basic routines
uip_ds6_route_tuip_ds6_route_lookup (const uip_ipaddr_t *addr)
uip_ds6_route_tuip_ds6_route_add (const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, uint8_t length, const uip_ipaddr_t *nexthop)
void uip_ds6_route_rm (uip_ds6_route_t *route)
void uip_ds6_route_rm_by_nexthop (const uip_ipaddr_t *nexthop)
const uip_ipaddr_t * uip_ds6_route_nexthop (uip_ds6_route_t *route)
int uip_ds6_route_num_routes (void)
uip_ds6_route_tuip_ds6_route_head (void)
uip_ds6_route_tuip_ds6_route_next (uip_ds6_route_t *r)
int uip_ds6_route_is_nexthop (const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
int uip_ds6_route_count_nexthop_neighbors (void)

Detailed Description

Header file for routing table manipulation.

Definition in file uip-ds6-route.h.