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tsch-types.h File Reference

TSCH types. More...

#include "net/mac/tsch/tsch-asn.h"
#include "lib/list.h"
#include "lib/ringbufindex.h"

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Data Structures

struct  tsch_link
 An IEEE 802.15.4-2015 TSCH link (also called cell or slot) More...
struct  tsch_slotframe
 802.15.4e slotframe (contains links) More...
struct  tsch_packet
 TSCH packet information. More...
struct  tsch_neighbor
 TSCH neighbor information. More...
struct  input_packet
 Stores data about an incoming packet. More...


typedef rtimer_clock_t tsch_timeslot_timing_ticks[tsch_ts_elements_count]
 TSCH timeslot timing elements in rtimer ticks.
typedef uint16_t tsch_timeslot_timing_usec[tsch_ts_elements_count]
 TSCH timeslot timing elements in micro-seconds.


enum  link_type
 802.15.4e link types. More...
enum  tsch_timeslot_timing_elements
 TSCH timeslot timing elements. More...

Detailed Description

TSCH types.

Simon Duquennoy

Definition in file tsch-types.h.