Header file of the CC13xx/CC26xx RF scheduler. More...

#include "contiki.h"
#include "sys/process.h"
#include <ti/drivers/rf/RF.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

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Common RF scheduler functionality.
rf_result_t rf_yield (void)
rf_result_t rf_restart_rat (void)
rf_result_t rf_set_tx_power (RF_Handle handle, RF_TxPowerTable_Entry *table, int8_t dbm)
rf_result_t rf_get_tx_power (RF_Handle handle, RF_TxPowerTable_Entry *table, int8_t *dbm)
Nestack Radio scheduler functionality.

Either for Prop-mode or IEEE-mode Radio driver.

RF_Handle netstack_open (RF_Params *params)
rf_result_t netstack_sched_fs (void)
rf_result_t netstack_sched_ieee_tx (uint16_t payload_length, bool ack_request)
rf_result_t netstack_sched_prop_tx (uint16_t payload_length)
rf_result_t netstack_sched_rx (bool start)
rf_result_t netstack_stop_rx (void)
BLE Radio scheduler functionality.

Only for the BLE Beacon Daemon.

RF_Handle ble_open (RF_Params *params)
rf_result_t ble_sched_beacons (uint8_t bm_channel)

Detailed Description

Header file of the CC13xx/CC26xx RF scheduler.

Edvard Pettersen

Definition in file sched.h.