Driver for the RE-Mote RF Real Time Clock Calendar (RTCC) More...

#include "contiki.h"
#include "dev/gpio.h"
#include "dev/i2c.h"
#include "rtcc.h"
#include "rtcc-config.h"
#include "dev/leds.h"
#include <stdio.h>

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RTCC User functions
int8_t rtcc_set_time_date (simple_td_map *data)
 Set the time and date. More...
int8_t rtcc_get_time_date (simple_td_map *data)
 Get the current time and date. More...
int8_t rtcc_set_alarm_time_date (simple_td_map *data, uint8_t state, uint8_t repeat, uint8_t trigger)
 Configure the RTCC to match an alarm counter. More...
int8_t rtcc_date_increment_seconds (simple_td_map *data, uint16_t seconds)
 Increments the current date by a number of seconds. More...
int8_t rtcc_print (uint8_t value)
 Print data from the RTCC module, either from the memory map (values in BCD) or actual readable data (decimal). More...
int8_t rtcc_set_autocalibration (uint8_t period)
 Set the autocallibration period. More...
int8_t rtcc_set_calibration (uint8_t mode, int32_t adjust)
 Manually calibrate the RTCC. More...
int8_t rtcc_init (void)
 Initialize the RTCC, configures the I2C bus, interrupts and registers. More...

Detailed Description

Driver for the RE-Mote RF Real Time Clock Calendar (RTCC)


Antonio Lignan Aitor Mejias Toni Lozano

Definition in file rtcc.c.