rpl-timers.c File Reference

RPL timer management. More...

#include "contiki.h"
#include "net/routing/rpl-lite/rpl.h"
#include "net/ipv6/uip-sr.h"
#include "net/link-stats.h"
#include "lib/random.h"
#include "sys/ctimer.h"
#include "sys/log.h"

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void rpl_timers_schedule_periodic_dis (void)
 Schedule periodic DIS with a random delay based on RPL_DIS_INTERVAL, until we join a DAG.
void rpl_timers_dio_reset (const char *str)
 Reset DIO Trickle timer. More...
void rpl_timers_schedule_unicast_dio (rpl_nbr_t *target)
 Schedule unicast DIO with no delay.
void rpl_timers_schedule_dao (void)
 Schedule a DAO with random delay based on RPL_DAO_DELAY.
void rpl_timers_unschedule_leaving (void)
 Cancel scheduled leaving if any.
void rpl_timers_schedule_leaving (void)
 Schedule leaving after RPL_DELAY_BEFORE_LEAVING.
void rpl_timers_init (void)
 Initialize rpl-timers module.
void rpl_timers_stop_dag_timers (void)
 Stop all timers related to the DAG.
void rpl_timers_unschedule_state_update (void)
 Cancelled any scheduled state update.
void rpl_timers_schedule_state_update (void)
 Schedule a state update ASAP. More...

Detailed Description

RPL timer management.

Joakim Eriksson, Nicolas Tsiftes, Simon Duquennoy simon.nosp@m..duq.nosp@m.uenno.nosp@m.y@in.nosp@m.ria.f.nosp@m.r

Definition in file rpl-timers.c.