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Software clock implementation for the nRF. More...

#include "contiki.h"
#include "nrfx_config.h"
#include "nrfx_rtc.h"
#include "nrfx_clock.h"

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static void rtc_handler (nrfx_rtc_int_type_t int_type)
 Function for handling the RTC0 interrupts. More...
static void lfclk_config (void)
 Function starting the internal LFCLK XTAL oscillator.
static void rtc_config (void)
 Function initialization and configuration of RTC driver instance.
void clock_init (void)
 Initialize the clock library. More...
clock_time_t clock_time (void)
 Get the current clock time. More...
unsigned long clock_seconds (void)
 Get the current value of the platform seconds. More...
void clock_wait (clock_time_t i)
 Wait for a given number of ticks. More...
void clock_delay_usec (uint16_t dt)
 Delay a given number of microseconds. More...
void clock_delay (unsigned int i)
 Obsolete delay function but we implement it here since some code still uses it. More...


const nrfx_rtc_t rtc = NRFX_RTC_INSTANCE(0)
 RTC instance used for platform clock.

Detailed Description

Software clock implementation for the nRF.

Yago Fontoura do Rosario

Definition in file clock-arch.c.