frame802154.c File Reference

802.15.4 frame creation and parsing functions More...

#include "sys/cc.h"
#include "net/mac/framer/frame802154.h"
#include "net/mac/llsec802154.h"
#include "net/linkaddr.h"
#include <string.h>

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FCF element values definitions

These are some definitions of values used in the FCF.

See the 802.15.4 spec for details.

uint16_t frame802154_get_pan_id (void)
void frame802154_set_pan_id (uint16_t pan_id)
void frame802154_has_panid (frame802154_fcf_t *fcf, int *has_src_pan_id, int *has_dest_pan_id)
int frame802154_check_dest_panid (frame802154_t *frame)
int frame802154_is_broadcast_addr (uint8_t mode, uint8_t *addr)
int frame802154_extract_linkaddr (frame802154_t *frame, linkaddr_t *source_address, linkaddr_t *dest_address)
int frame802154_hdrlen (frame802154_t *p)
 Calculates the length of the frame header. More...
void frame802154_create_fcf (frame802154_fcf_t *fcf, uint8_t *buf)
int frame802154_create (frame802154_t *p, uint8_t *buf)
 Creates a frame for transmission over the air. More...
void frame802154_parse_fcf (uint8_t *data, frame802154_fcf_t *pfcf)
int frame802154_parse (uint8_t *data, int len, frame802154_t *pf)
 Parses an input frame. More...


static uint16_t mac_pan_id = IEEE802154_PANID
 The 16-bit identifier of the PAN on which the device is operating. More...

Detailed Description

802.15.4 frame creation and parsing functions

This file converts to and from a structure to a packed 802.15.4 frame.

Definition in file frame802154.c.