rpl-classic Directory Reference


file  rpl-dag.c [code]
    Logic for Directed Acyclic Graphs in RPL.

file  rpl-ext-header.c [code]
    Management of extension headers for ContikiRPL.

file  rpl-icmp6.c [code]
    ICMP6 I/O for RPL control messages.

file  rpl-mrhof.c [code]
    The Minimum Rank with Hysteresis Objective Function (MRHOF), RFC6719

file  rpl-nbr-policy.c [code]
 Default RPL NBR policy decides when to add a new discovered node to the nbr table from RPL.
file  rpl-of0.c [code]
    An implementation of RPL's objective function 0, RFC6552

file  rpl-timers.c [code]
    RPL timer management.

file  rpl.c [code]
    ContikiRPL, an implementation of RPL: IPv6 Routing Protocol
    for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (IETF RFC 6550)