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Per-deployment MAC <-> nodeid mapping. More...

#include "contiki-conf.h"
#include "sys/node-id.h"
#include "net/ipv6/uip.h"
#include "net/linkaddr.h"

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Data Structures

struct  id_mac
 ID<->MAC address mapping structure. More...


void deployment_init (void)
 DEPLOYMENT_MAPPING: A table of struct id_mac that provides ID-MAC mapping for a deployment. More...
int deployment_node_count (void)
 Get the number of nodes for the deployment (length of mapping table) More...
uint16_t deployment_id_from_lladdr (const linkaddr_t *lladdr)
 Get node ID from a link-layer address, from the deployment mapping table. More...
void deployment_lladdr_from_id (linkaddr_t *lladdr, uint16_t id)
 Get node link-layer address from a node ID, from the deployment mapping table. More...
uint16_t deployment_id_from_iid (const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr)
 Get node ID from the IID of an IPv6 address. More...
void deployment_iid_from_id (uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, uint16_t id)
 Get IPv6 IID from node IDs. More...
uint16_t deployment_id_from_index (uint16_t index)
 Get node ID from index in mapping table. More...

Detailed Description

Per-deployment MAC <-> nodeid mapping.

Simon Duquennoy

Definition in file deployment.h.