coap-timer.c File Reference

    CoAP timer implementation.

#include "coap-timer.h"
#include "lib/list.h"
#include "sys/cc.h"
#include "coap-log.h"

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void coap_timer_stop (coap_timer_t *timer)
 Stop a pending CoAP timer. More...
void coap_timer_set (coap_timer_t *timer, uint64_t time)
 Set a CoAP timer to expire after the specified time. More...
void coap_timer_reset (coap_timer_t *timer, uint64_t time)
 Reset a CoAP timer to expire a specified time after the last expiration time. More...
uint64_t coap_timer_time_to_next_expiration (void)
 Get the time until next CoAP timer expires or 0 if there already exists expired timers that have not yet been processed. More...
int coap_timer_run (void)
 This function must be called periodically by the CoAP timer driver to process any expired CoAP timers. More...
void coap_timer_init (void)
 This function initializes the CoAP timer library. More...

Detailed Description

    CoAP timer implementation.
Niclas Finne Joakim Eriksson

Definition in file coap-timer.c.