Header for the Coffee file system.

#include "cfs.h"

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 Instruct Coffee that the access pattern to this file is adapted to flash I/O semantics by design, and Coffee should therefore not invoke its own micro logs when file modifications occur. More...
 Instruct Coffee not to attempt to extend the file upon a request to write past the reserved file size. More...
 Instruct Coffee to set unused bytes in the destination buffer to zero. More...


Functions called from application programs
int cfs_coffee_reserve (const char *name, cfs_offset_t size)
 Reserve space for a file. More...
int cfs_coffee_configure_log (const char *file, unsigned log_size, unsigned log_entry_size)
 Configure the on-demand log file. More...
int cfs_coffee_set_io_semantics (int fd, unsigned flags)
 Set the I/O semantics for accessing a file. More...
int cfs_coffee_format (void)
 Format the storage area assigned to Coffee. More...

Detailed Description

 Header for the Coffee file system.
Nicolas Tsiftes

Definition in file cfs-coffee.h.